SG-Timeline (Incomplete)

Tues. September 6, 2016 Summer 71, 0
The Warp: The earth is plunged into nuclear war and inadvertently opens gates to other realities and dimensions.

Sept 2016-March 2017 Summer-Winter, 0
The Time of the Red Snow: Civilization collapses, Technology no longer functions as strange creatures come from the gates. Humanity is assaulted by monsters both alien and from among their own kind. The first brutal nuclear winter comes and goes wiping out most of humanity as we understand it.

March 2017- 2027 Spring 01-10
The Great Migration: Once the Great winter began to subside, the portals stabilized, opening pathways to the Nine worlds of Ysgard, The realm of faerie and Several places considered ancient Myth. Humanity, however, Had been greatly decimated during year of the red-snow; and is slowly being replaced with races like Dwarves, Elves, Goblinoids, Orcs, Ogres and the like. What Little that remains of humanity currently remains within small, Isolated communities. The Gods also begin revealing themselves to various communities displaying miraculous signs and wonders. Cults begin springing up among the races and the various human settlements. races like the Elves begin showing the now primitive humans how to use both Arcane and divine spells.

April 2028-January 2048 Spring 11-31
The Rise of the New Kingdoms:

May -February, 2050-51 Spring-Winter 33
The Elf-Goblin War

March 2058-February 2060 Spring 41-Winter 42
The War of the Mountains.

March 2069-January 2070 Spring-Winter 53
The Founding of the Moot

February 2074 Winter 57
Franzhelm assumes the title of Hexe-Kaiser of the Norden Reich (a human kingdom).

March 2085-April 2090 Spring 68-73
Franzhelm embarks on a war of Conquest within the Broken Lands, Eventually going so far as to battle the Elven King Joram Gothandriel. The contest of metal and magic continues for about 5 years. Much of the Northern area has been conquered with the exception of the Cities of Fire and the Red-Nation. A truce was signed between the Elves and the Norden Reich which brings about a short period of peace with the exception of a few raids by the Gobinoids and the Orcs.

May 2098 Spring 80
Death of Hexe-Kaiser Franzhelm, under mysterious circumstances, eventually plunging the Norden-Reich into a Civil war.

June 2098-April 2099 Summer 80-Spring 81
The Northern Civil war

May 2100-June 2150 Spring 84-Spring 134
The First Reign of Peace

May 2152-March 2155 Spring 136-Winter 139
The First Fire Crusade-Refers to invasion by the Fire-Newts Marching past the Fire Nation, in an attempt to conquer the area of the Broken-lands. They are eventually fought back by the combined forces of Human, Elf, Dwarf, Goblinoid and Orc. The first time the “Five’ had cooperated against a common enemy.

July 2156 Summer 140
The Elf-Goblinoid truce is signed.

June 2160 Spring 144
The beginning of the reign of Null White-Flame (In the Reich Spiel: Null weiße Flamme), the Second Hexe-Kaiser of the Norden Reich.

April -September 2165 Spring-Summer 149
The First Orc Uprising: Orcs from the east begin a series of raids along the river and going as far a s the Goblin blight. triggering the first Orc-Goblin War. The Orcs and Goblinoids engage in several brutal battles, ending in a stalemate.

October 2165 Fall 149
The Death of the Elf King Gothandriel, His Son, Jerand is installed as the new Elf High Lord.

March-May 2169 Spring 153
The Second Orc Uprising.

July 2172-December 2173 Summer 156-Winter 157
The Second Fire Crusade Begins. the fire Newts once again begin Raiding the southern territories of the Fire Nation, and The Norden-Reich. Hexe-Kaiser Null leads the campaign against the fire-newts with the Fire-Nation and the elves and Goblins.

June 2180 Summer 164
The Norden-Reich/Fire-Nation Treaty is signed. The great Magical academy is formed and utilized by Most of the Civilized nations.

January 2181-July 2183 Winter 164-Summer 167
The Xican-Konstantian War

March 2185 Spring 169
Rise of the red-Queen (The Dark Elf Secession) For centuries the Dark Elves were considered to be a diseased branch of Elves. Soon one of Jerands slaves, Qiselda, rebelled and formed her own sect, she leads the dark elves northward to the Red-Forest. Once there She establishes her own kingdom.

August 2185 Summer 169
The Northern Confederation formed; sensing the possibility of his impending death, Hexe-Kaiser Null establishes the Northern Confederation to rule in his stead, until the next Hexe-Kaiser can be found.

November 2215 Autumn 199
Hexe-Kaiser White-Flame Dies.

August 2217 Summer 201
The Goblin-Blight seceeds from the Norden Reich due to being treated as second class citizens by the humans of the Norden-Reich.

September 2217 Summer 201
The Red-Nation/Fire-Kingdom War begins.

December 2217 Winter 201
The Third Orc Uprising.

March 2218-January 2221 Spring 202-Winter 205
The Konstantian Empire: Under the reign of the newly crowned Emperor Ulysius Drugora, The Nation of Konstantius begins a military campaign of conquest. They first conquer the Elven Kingdoms, then later annexing Arcadia and Xican. In an effort to isolate the nation of Khemet, they sign a pact with the Orcs forming a dread army which nearly conquers much of the Broken-Lands. The Campaign stops for the winter with plans to conquer the Norden Riech.

March 2222 Spring 206
The Rise of Shadow, The Third Hexe-Kaiser.

Summer 2222-November 2224 Summer 206-Autumn 208
After persuading the goblinoids to rejoin the Reich, Shadow begins an aggressive campaign to push back the Konstantian empire. He eventually unites with the Elves, Xicans, Halflings, Dwarves, and Khemeti, The Fire and Red Nations to bring The Orc-Konstantian empire down and liberating much of the conquered territories. Shadow finally kills Emperor Drugora in a magical duel forcing the Konstantians to surrender and the Orcs to retreat back to the Orc-blight.

Spring 2225-October 2271 Spring 209-Fall 255
The Second Reign of Peace; which ends with the disappearance of Hexe-Kaiser Shadow.

November 2271 Fall 255
The Third Fire Crusade begins.
The Fourth Orc Uprising,
The Bug-Bears invade Goblin-Blight banishing the Hobgoblins.
The Orcs and Bug-Bears Join the Fire-Crusade

February 2272-2296 Winter 255-280
The Reign of Fire

March 2296-November 2298 Spring 281-Autumn 282
The Sun-Fire War

March 2299-October 2300 Spring 283-Autumn 284
The Orc-Purge

March 2301-February 2302 Spring-Winter 285
The First crusade of the Axe (Hobgoblin-BugBear War)

April 2310-March 2311 Spring-Winter 294
The Second Crusade of the Axe (Hobgoblin-Bugbear War)

April 2311 Spring 295
The Norden-Reich restored

March 2312 Spring 296 Current Year

SG-Timeline (Incomplete)

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