Monster Trainer

Pet Monster trainer: Like Bards, Monster Trainers often work as entertainers, seeking to prove which can best train their pet monster to be a better fighter. The Nations often recruits them either as Shock-Troops, Mercenaries, or Spies, or to deal with problematic Monster infestations.
Hit Dice: d4
Weapons: Monster Trainers often Use Simple weapons
Armor: Monster trainers tend to wear Light Armor
Attack: as Wizard
Save as Wizard
Skill Points:
Starting: 4 + Int Mod x 4
Each Level: 4 + Int Mod
Monster friendship: At level one, the trainer gains the ability to gain a monster’s friendship; As the Druid’s Ability but can affect the types listed below. This ability can be used 1/day per every 4 levels.
The Spell will affect any of the following: Aberration, Animal (Including Dire), Construct, Magical beast, and Monstrous Humanoid, with any Sub-type.

Pet Monster: the Trainer Starts the game with one Monster, who is Loyal to him, the creature may only be of the Following types: Aberration, Animal (Including Dire), Construct, Magical beast, and Monstrous Humanoid, with any Sub-type.
-The Pet Monster will only advance as a Creature of its type.
- The Initial Monster’s Level starts at the Character’s level -3 (Minimum of 1) + Charisma Bonus. This level also applies to the CR that any Monster the trainer acquires later on.
- The Monster will only be the Average of its kind.
- The Maximum Number of Monsters that can be attained is level/4 + Charisma Bonus.
-if the pet monster is Killed, It cannot be replaced for 1 game month, Plus Other Pet Monsters function at -1 Morale for that time.

Healing hands: once per day a trainer may heal his monsters as a paladin. The points may be spread out between his monsters.

Trainer Abilities: At second Level and every 3 levels after wards, the Player may select one of the following abilities:
Analyze Monster: By making a intelligence check +2 vs. DC 20 or 25, the trainer can gain the type of monster he encounters, judging the creatures abilities including its base attack bonus, Remaining Hit points, Elemental association without actually seeing it fight.
Battle Motto: by shouting a poorly rhymed, very cheesy Battle motto, the trainers Monster(s) Is able to revolt his opponent for 1 turn giving him a -1 to his rolls. The opponent is allowed a Will Save vs 10 + Trainers level and Charisma Bonus. The creature must be intelligent enough to understand the motto, and able to speak the trainer’s language.
Counter Effect: As with the Bards “Counter-song” Ability However, this only works with his monsters that are under the effects of sonic or language dependent magical effects. This ability requires the trainer to have a handle animal of +3 or better.
Fascinate Monster: Trainers with a Handle Animal of +3 or better may fascinate a monster like a bard.
Inspire Monster: as per the Bard’s ability to Inspire Courage.
Instill discipline: By Spending time (Taking 20) with his monster before a fight, the Monster will remain calm and not expose itself to attack giving him a +1 to his armor Class and Saves. The Monster May make a will save to resist (vs. DC 10 + trainer’s level + Charisma bonus)
Instill ferocity: By Spending Time with His monster (Taking 20) The trainer can raise the fighting spirit of his monster, giving him a +1 Base attack against a specific foe.
Monster Tactics: Allows the trainer to grant a +4 bonus to the Monster(s) Initiative for the duration of the battle.
Nurse Monster: Allows the Monster to recover at 3 times Normal after Resting, in the presence of the trainer. The trainer must actively spend time caring for the monster.
Class Skills: Animal Empathy(Char), Disable Device (Dex), Handle Animal (Cha), Knowledge: Monsters, Nature (Int), Healing (wis), Listen(Wis), Ride (Dex), Search(Wis), Speak languages (Int), Spot(Wis)

Monster Trainer

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