City of Shadows Gate

Shadow’s Gate Facts and Figures:
Sg banner
Size: Village
Population: 671
Alignment: Neutral
Government Type: Mayoral Republic
Current Leader: Mayor Cedric Shadwell: (human Aristocrat)
Mistress of the Infantry: Company Leader, Arunga the Vigilant (Hobgoblin fighter)
Master of the Calvary: Company Leader, Rhett Twyfel-bane (Human paladin)
Head of Arcane Studies: Senior Allyllon Caer-derrig (High Elf Wizard)
Tactical Commander: Merryn Faerie-dell (Grey Elf Ranger)
Constable: “Red” Reginald Sherwin (Human Rogue “reformed”)
Head Scribe: Ovate Seamus O’Hanrahan (Human Druid)

Religions: Officially, there is no “Official religion” however the more popular faiths are listed in order of their popularity. All religions are permitted as long as they obey the “One Law”.
-Church of the Aseir (Norse pantheon)
-Church of the Air (Finnish pantheon)
-The Druidic Cults (Celtic mythos)
-Church of the Earth (Goblinoid pantheon)

Allies: (Under the authority of) The Norden Reich, Old Elven Kingdom, Khemet, Xican
Enemies: The Orc Blight,
Neutral: Konstanius, Fire Nation, Red Nation, Dwarves of Grey Mountains, The Moot

Racial Breakdown:
Humans: 248
Goblins/Kobolds: 134
Elves: 121
Hobgoblins: 67
1/2 Elves: 47
1/2 Orcs: 34
others: (Including dwarves, halflings, Mongrel-men, Norkers and others)20

City of Shadows Gate

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