Shadow's Gate

Shadow's Gate Session 7a

The party returns after a gruelling trip only tofind that Shadow's gate has now been taken over!

“Stirrings of the Reich”

Shadow’s Gate Session 7a notes
Written by Goronga of the Hidden Voice
Date: Spring 9 296CY

When the party returned to the city of Shadow’s Gate, we noticed that the gates were now being staffed by more guards that were normally used, Arunga the Vigilant remarked to Soveliss that these were not the normal soldiers from the city but from the very Northern Reich itself! After formally introducing herself to the guards and their superiors as Troop-Leader, we were then escorted to the outer courts of the Mayor’s offices.
Mayor Cedric met us dressed in his full dress uniform for the very first time. He was rather concerned that we would have returned from shadow’s deep so quickly after being sent off. However Arunga reported that her troops had been engaged by several Orc squads in the space of the hour long trip, and she no longer felt that the mission could be conducted safely. While Cedric commended the Hobgoblin on her concern for the expeditionary squad, He informed her and the group that he had been well aware of the Orcish incursions into the Goblin Blight and the lands surrounding the City. And the reason he had sent the expeditionary unit was to obtain what ever the Orcs were looking for within the ruined fortress of the Third Hexe-Kaiser. He had hoped that the Squad would have remained on their mission until it was completed, due to the fact he had very important visitors from the Reich.
It was at that moment, the door to Mayor Cedric’s office opened, as TWO mages, brandishing the rank of Seniors stepped out holding it open as a tall figure stepped out.
Mayor Cedric immediately bowed low as a middle aged human bearing the Red trimmed robes of a Dean stepped forward and inspected the crew before him. Arunga immediately signaled her squads to bow low as the Mage was introduced as Dean Heinrich Krauss, a long time veteran of the Sun-Fire War. His face still bore the scars of burns and claw marks as he surveyed those gathered before him.
Mayor Cedric offered apologies for keeping him waiting, The Dean, displayed a keen interest in hearing about the expedition to Shadow’s Deep so far, and demanded to know who the squad leader is. Soveliss stepped forward, and began to report on the progress of having mapped out the almost all of the first floor. However, he also mentioned about the grafitti he had read stating:
“Come to the Mother’s temple on Sixth.”
Upon hearing that He chided Mayor Cedric for not reporting this sooner, that perhaps that it was the work of the now missing Lady Ambrose of the Cult of Illmatar; A popular goddess, who is believed to have great favor even from the Dark Gods, for her kindness.
She was reported to have been heading to the new capital of the Northern Reich, called “River Fort” in the common. Dean Krauss then corrected Soveliss, informing him that the figure known as “Shadow” should be referred to as “The Third Hexe-Kaiser”.
The Dean then proceeded to inform Arunga the Vigilant that, in light of recent developments, she was immediately to be promoted to the rank of Company leader (Having authority over 130 personnel) along with the head of the City’s Calvary, Rhett Twyfel-bane. The Dean then informed the Mayor that since the Reich cannot afford to lose Shadow’s gate to the current Orc uprising, He would now over-see the operations of the city until such a time as the Orcs no longer posed a threat. Sovelliss and the rest of the party were immediately dismissed by the Dean and instructed to leave as soon as possible to the Ruins of Third Hexe-Kaiser’s fortress, after they have all spoken to their immediate supervisors.



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