Shadow's Gate

Shadow’s Deep expeditionary Squad

Mission Report #3

date: Spring 9 (cont’d) 296 CY

Written by Gordoga of the Hidden Voice.

Party Roster:

Soveliss: Half Elven Ranger and Archer

Acolyte Tursomog “the Ripper”: Hobgoblin Priest of Maglubiyet

Apprentice-Warden Cyrro of the Yellow: grey elven Transmuter

WeyCalin: Half Elven Monster trainer

Grzah the Black Hearted: His gargoyle “apprentice”

Sarita: Human “Trap Specialist” working for the Constabulary

Volsted: Human: Soldier and former “Combat Tutor” for Monster trainers

Gerard Chigrynski: Human Mercenary

Primary Objectives: Explore the ruins of Shadow’s Deep to determine what the orcs are seeking within the Goblin-Blight.

Secondary Mission Objectives:

-locate any artifacts or knowledge which may prove useful in determining the fate of Hexe-Kaiser Shadow -Detertmine the number of Goblinoids who may be sympathetic to the Reich and wish to rejoin. -Map the complex to see if new tunnels were created. -Locate, if possible, the Lady Ambrose, Priestess of Ilmatar. -Deal with any Of the barbaric goblinoids such as Bug Bears and Norkers as well as any other monsters that have taken residence. within Shadow’s Deep.

Report Details:

After leaving the Presence of Dean Kraus, A Soldier met both Soveliss and Tursomog instructing them to go to the office of Merryn Faeriedell. the Village Forrester. The Grey Elven Troop leader of the rangers, finally called them to enter and introduced to three new members:

Sarita: A female human rogue working for the constable; “Red” Reginald, who specializes in trap removal.

Volsted: a Male Human soldier who worked as a Combat Tutor for Monster-Trainers.

Gerard Chigrynsky: a Male Human Mercenary, who has been used ocassionally by Merryn Faeriedell.

Just as Merryn was about to list the objective of the Mission, two (technically three) more party members arrived late:

Apprentice-Warden Cyrro: Grey Elven Wizard specialist in transmutation magic.

Weycalin: a Half Elven Monster trainer and his newly captured gargoyle apprentice, Grzah.

Once the Introductions have been made, both Soveliss and Tursomog began to explain the creatures and rooms found so far, including the mishaps of the previous team rogue, Storm Long-fellow. The party then left to continue their mission. However, once they neared the Goblin-Blight marsh, they encountered an old man alone, who seemed to pay some attention to Weycalin. After introducing himself as “Cooter”, he then began to tell Weycalin of his own pet monster, a green dragon that had left him. He speculated that the dragoness had gone to lay her eggs and tend to her hatchlings. However, having not heard from his pet, he expressed that she may not have survived, and that he now seeks her progeny.He then asks the party that if they find such hatchlings that at least one be returned to him to raise. Reluctantly the party agreed. Just then his other pet emerged from the bushes, a feline beast known as a caterwaul, which immediately returned to Cooter to protect him.

Cooter, then challenged Weycalin to a friendly match to test his caterwaul against the half-elf’s gargoyle. Weycalin agreed and they moved to a clearing to have their match. Tursomog then graciously offered to judge the match, which would be a best out of five strikes match.

They stood thirty feet apart, and at the commencement of the match, Cooter’s caterwaul charged into battle, leaping at Grzah and swiping with it’s razor sharp claw. the creatures speed was beyond belief as it seemed to become a blur. However, it’s attacks proved ineffective against the Gargoyle’s rock hard skin. The gargoyle then erupted into a flurry of activity missing with her claws and bite attacks, one of which hit home. The caterwaul erupted into a flurry of attacks, also striking at the Gargoyle twice…

Grzah then visciously struck slamming and biting the caterwaul earning three strikes, at which time, Cooter surrendered the match, and congratulated Weycalin, informing him of the tournament to take place in the Reich Capital of Hochburg des Thafe, at the Spring/Summer Equinox.

After bidding the old trainer fare-well, the resumed the mission, finally arriving at the Shadow’s Deep Complex, being met by Arunga the Vigilant and her main squad, She informs Soveliss that she had set up the supply line, and that her squad will remain at the entrance to establish a base camp and guard their supplies. She, however, informs the party that She must return to town to complete her duties. Soveliss thanked her for her time and the party then made it’s way down the steps into the complex.

They then made their way through various corridors in an attempt to complete their map, finally coming to a large chamber, which appeared to be a large communal bath that the goblinoids used during their occupation. there were alternating columns depicting the Deities Bagrivviyek (The Goblinoid deity of “Peace” among the tribes) and Djurgah (the Goblinoid goddess of the swamps). before leaving the corridor to enter the bath, Sarita’s keen hearing alerted her to the sound of footsteps in the shallow water. Waiting in the corridor, The party then spotted a lone norker scout and seven others about 30 feet behind. the Scout then spotted the party and screamed to his comrades. The battle began in earnest, as the party struggled valiantly against the savage goblinoids. It eventually turned into a comedy of errors as both parties made blunders which could have proved fatal. However the party rallied, eventually cutting down the tough humanoids save one.

Serina then proceeded to interrogate the Norker, learning the following:

1) there are several more norkers down below as well as several kobold made traps.

2) Some of the creatures down below are much tougher

3) he had seen Someone resembling the description of lady Ambrose, mentioning not only her own goddess, Ilmatar, but also a Goblinoid deity named Kika-Nuti.

At the mention of Kika nuti, Tursomog reacted with great beligerance, demanding the Norker be silent. However, Volsted persuaded the grim cleric to reveal the information, since it might have an affect on the mission. Reluctantly, Tursomog explained that Kika Nuti was a Goblinoid deity who is actually BENEVOLENT! She, according to Tursomog, teaches that the goblinoid people should ot only be free of the Lord of depths and darkness, but they could actually learn to be GOOD! Such a thing appeared to be quite blasphemous even to a reformist like the acolyte.

Once no further information could be attained the party then took the norker upstairs, to be held by the soldiers for further questioning. the party then resumed exploring the first level of the complex finally discovering a large sleeping chamber filled with 8 goblins! Completely surprising the humanoids, the party demanded their surrender, the goblins then explained that they were soldiers of the reich itself! They then told of how they were left behind during the battle of the axe and believed themselves deserted by their commander named Aeriti the Vigilant, Arunga’s predecessor Cyrro then proceeded to inform the goblins that their commander was assassinated by the bugbears, but the reich goblinoids managed to push the Bugbears from the Goblin-Blight. The Goblins were both pleased and saddened by the news, and the party then escorted the goblins to the base camp to assist in security and to rest safely while they continued to explore the complex.

Once that was done the party then made their way to the first stair case they had found, and discovered that the gate which had kept the stairs closed was left as a massively twisted and broken piece of metal. careful examination revealed that foot prints were there. First of a large humanoid figure, then two other footprints of smaller humanoid figured which followed a few moments later. When initially discovered the gate was locked shut, Although concerned as to what kind of creature would tear the gates open in that fashion, they proceeded down-ward into the depths…



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