Shadow's Gate

Shadow's Gate Session 10

Where Gerard Walked into the Darkness, and learned not all that glitters is gold

Shadow’s Gate: Session 10
Mission report 5
Written by Gordoga of the Silent Voice
Spring 10-11 296 CY
Party Roster:
Soveliss (Half elven Ranger-Team Leader)
Tursomog the Ripper (Hobgoblin Cleric of Maglubiyet)
Apprentice Cyrro of the Yellow (Elven Wizard)
Weycalin (Half elven Monster trainer and his Gargoyle “Apprentice” Grzah)
Gerard (Human Mercenary-Warblade)
Sarita (Human Trap Specialist)
Volsted (Human Mercenary)

Primary Objectives: Explore the ruins of Shadow’s Deep to determine what the orcs are seeking within the Goblin-Blight.

Secondary Mission Objectives:

-locate any artifacts or knowledge which may prove useful in determining the fate of Hexe-Kaiser Shadow -Determine the number of Goblinoids who may be sympathetic to the Reich and wish to rejoin. -Map the complex to see if new tunnels were created. -Locate, if possible, the Lady Ambrose, Priestess of Ilmatar. -Deal With any Of the barbaric goblinoids such as Bug Bears and Norkers as well as any other monsters that have taken residence within Shadow’s Deep.

Report: Once the party had cleaned out the room containing the Giant Spiders, Tursomog suggested that the party rest to recover their spells and recieve the necessary healing for the wounds they sustained. Tursomog then cast the spell called “animal messenger” using one of the local bats to alert the guards upstairs.
After a few moments, the bat returned with a message that Sarita and Volsted were to return to the surface, once they did the party rested for the evening and woke up the next day. After mappng out more of the second floor The party discovered a room with a pedestal carved with runes upon which a large clay pot rested. Cyrro then determined that the runes glowed with moderate strength Transmutation magic and within the pot was n object also containing faint Transmutation magic as well. He attempted to decipher the runes when he realized that they were trapped to activate once the pell was completely read! He quickly ceased reading the runes before they set off what-ever spell it contained. Gerard then offered to cross the runes counting on his great fortitude to over come the spell. Tursomog, however, enhanced the mercenary’s Constitution with an endurance spell, allowing Gerard to safely cross the runes which glowed brilliantly. Cyrro then mentioned that they were enchanted with blindness, and should Gerard have succumbed he would have been permanently blinded. Using his great strength the Mercenary then lifted the large pot and brought it over. although reluctant to do so, he hefted out an ornately wrought longsword.

Once the final chambers of the second floor were mapped, the party found two stair wells which would have descended to the Fourth floor, completely bypassing the third. Wisely, they decided to bring up the treasure of the second floor to the guards at the base camp and proceeded to the first where they found a set of stairs which would have taken them to the third, which was located at the public baths. The stairs eventually took them to a large rotunda painted with the life of the Hexe-Kaiser Shadow starting from when he was working as a mercenary up until his coronation. Tursomog, Cyrro and Gerard then proceeded to speak of the history of the third Hexe-kaiser, remarking about the fact that while shadow was not highly educated, He demonstrated a great deal of cunning, which seems to be typical of a Sorcerer! The pictures then detailed that not many within the Academy were pleased when Shadow had taken the office of Hexe-Kaiser, and that indeed Historical records have indicated that his Being a Sorcerer was a major point of contention! The party marhed onward, untill they came to a large trapezoidal chamber containing something of an atrium! WIthin it’s walls a Badly wounded Dwarven Warrior and a Halfling wizard greeted them suspiciously at first, especially at the sight of Tursomog. Upon seeing that the party contained mostly members of the reich, they introduced themselves as Bragni Storm-Shield and apprentice Colwin Brandybuck of the Yellow. (Apprentice Cyrro was a bit indignant at the Halfling seeing him as some kind of rival.) Bragni and Sovellis then begain to compare notes. Bragni and Colwin had a third companion whom they believed to be a teifling Ranger known only as “Elite”. Upon reaching Shadow’s Deep, however, he turned on His comerades, demonstrating greater power than a Teifling should normally have. Sovellis then informed Bragni that the norkers told the party that Elite was not a mere teifling but a half-blooded Cambion! Bragni af first dismissed such a notion, remarking that Norkers were not trust worthy, nor were they very intelligent. However, Sovellis wisely told Bragni that He should head upstairs to the base camp to recieve healing (Actually, He at first offered to have Tursomog heal his wounds, but Bragni refued to let the Hobgoblin touch him, given their ancient rivalry. It should be noted however, that actually Hobgoblins and elves are lost standing racial enemies, and Tursomog consents to working with Cyrro, but that was not my place to suggest.) Bragni and Colwin finally made their way upstairs, while the party moved forward, Eventually finding yet another Rotunda, they entered carefully when they noticed three odd Stalactites. However as the party discussed what to do next, all three of the stalactites, Opened their eyes and swooped down revealling themselves to be Dark Mantles, a dreaded Predator of the Under-dark! Sovelliss moved quickly, Firing off an arrow which gravely injured one immediately, Cyrro then cast Enlarge on Gerard who then charged into battle striking the injured creature and missed a second. Grzah was thn ordered by Weycalin to charge and bury it’s horns into the second, leaving a third to attack at a later time. This proved to be difficult as the creature shot a cloud of magical ink which covered the area in darkness. Gerard, however refused to be daunted as he used his hearing to locate the creature and cut it down almost immediately. After a careful search of the rotunda they located several electrum coins a potion and a skeleton key!

Once again the party emerged victorious when they heard the faint sound of a Child Crying…Following the sound, they opened a door, and discovered a wyrmling who was shocked at their presence. Sovellis then remembered His proise to the Monster trainer, “Old Cooter” and informed the Wyrmling that they would take him to someone who knew his mother. The Green Dragon Child was incredulous at first, suspicious after having been hounded by Norkers for much of his (Her?) young life. the child offered part of it’s horde to gather some safety, but has yet to decide if he would trust the party or not.



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