Shadow's Gate

Shadow's gate Session 6

Mykel's Crusade

Mission report #2
Date: Spring 8-9 296 CY
Players in Attendance: 3
Squad members:
Soldier Mikel-Paladin of Tyr
Troop Leader Arunga the Vigilant-Hobgoblin High mistress of the Drusus
Her Squads:
6 Hobgoblin Infantry-archers
2 Human Infantry Shield Men
1 Human Mage
1 Human Justicar of Tyr

Mission Objectives:
Lead Arunga’s squad-members to the location of the ancient fortress of Shadow, the legendary third Hexen-Kaiser of the Northern Reich. The purpose is to establish a supply chain for the Expedition to Shadow’s Deep.
Rejoin the expedition to render tactical report.

Arunga the Vigilant:

Locate the fortress of the third Hexen-Kaiser, and establish a supply line for the expedition.

Relieve Adept Hanz and Squad-Leader Franz.

Following the departure of the expeditionary squad, Mykel returned from his wine-tasting expedition, and was instructed to report to mayor Cedric’s office. Once he arrived, he was given the objectives to his mission and introduced to Troop Leader: Arunga the Vigilant a decorated hobgoblin female officer, re-knowned for her mastery of the Drusus. Mykel was, at first, disturbed by the prospect of working along side another hobgoblin. (He had originally worked along side Acolyte Tursomog the Ripper). however, the call of duty overrode his protests. Arunga shook off the prejudice of her new subordinate apparently with a great deal of practice.
after being dismissed by the Mayor, Mykel was then introduced to the rest of the troop, which included:
6 Hobgoblin Archers
2 Human Shield-Men
1 Mage
1 Justicar of Tyr
Arunga later explained that She had become troop leader a rather long time ago, and that these were her most trusted troop members. Mykel shrugged and the party began the mission marching quickly towards the Goblin-Blight marsh. Not long before they reach the swamp they surprise a troop (by our measurement or 10 soldiers) of orcs getting ready to enter the marsh. Mykel and Arunga devised a quick battle plan, where he would use his aura of protection to enhance the shield wall set up to protect the archers. The squad moved to enact this plan as the Orcs began to charge into battle. The oncoming orcs were greeted by a series of arrows and magic missiles which injured the foul humanoids as the Arunga, Mykel and the Shield men attacked the orcs dispatching many of them rather quickly.
Three of the Orcs turned and fled with the speed born of great cowardice, however, Mykel was reluctant to allow the green-skins to alert their fellows; and proceeded to dispatch them with Arunga’s and the rest of the squad’s assistance.
However, a second troop arrived and attacked in earnest as the party was getting healed from the last battle. The battle was engaged in earnest. Arunga was so incensed by the orcs, She swung with a little too much might and her enchanted Drusus slipped from her hand due to all the blood and gore on the handle. Mykel and the other troop members covered her back as she went to retrieve her sword just in time to Cleave an orc’s head off. Mykel, however showed an extreme lax of discipline when he momentarily distracted himself with a glance at Arunga’s backside, and an Inappropriate comment under his breath. Arunga’s Keen ears heard the comment and replied with a bit of Mirth along the line of “Not even if you had an Ogre’s member, Pink-skin.” This seemed to relax the paladin, but at the same time remind him of his duty.
However they did not have long to recover and heal when a third troop charged at the party. This battle however was filled with many Mishaps for the stalwart troop; which included the following:
One Archer, who’s helmet was removed by his errant bow-string.
that same archer then trips over his feet and knocks himself and a fellow troop member down.
A Shield Man trips over himself and he knocks down an archer as well.
Arunga was so angered and embarassed, She became a swirling goddess of death, killing several orcs with a series of furious slashes, at one point she was so pleased with her progress, she uttered the phrase: ArUNGa! expletive YEAH! (Dm’s note, This got the player a “line of the day” XP bonus.)
Mykel, however, had the presence of mind to subdue one remaining orc for questioning.

Once the Justicar bound the orc’s wounds with healing salve, Soldier Mykel then began a rather unorthodox method of interrogation for a paladin of Tyr, the god of Law and justice. Although the captive resisted at first, Mykel’s aggressive methods soon loosened his tongue and caused him to reveal the following information.

1) His name is Kho-Morg, a foot soldier. 2) He and his comrades were part of a larger regiment sent to take the abandoned ruin of the third Hexen-Kaiser’s fortress from the goblinoids. 3)This larger regiment is commanded by a mighty Orog warrior named Kho-Rog, whom Kho-Morg described as a “Umie-Slayur” (perhaps a specialized kind of ranger?) who is also supported by the priests of Gruumsh, the one-eyed deity of the orc race, and a long standing enemy of Maglubiyet. 4) the Current regiment consists of 20 tribal leaders (company leaders by our measurement each one leading 100 men.) However, I doubt the orc population could have achieved those numbers so quickly since the last Orc purge. This may be exaggeration on Kho-Morg’s part. 5) The mission however consists of wiping out the goblinoids there including the Bug-bears and Norkers and some renegade Goblin and hobgoblin tribes. This mortified Arunga who expressed a hope of at least persuading the more lawfully aligned goblinoids to join the forces at Shadow’s gate. After some discussion, Mykel and Arunga came to the conclusion that the expeditionary force may no longer be safe at shadow’s deep, Mykel was instructed to take half the troop and escort the expedition force to safety while Arunga would take the remaining members and the orc back to Shadow’s Gate for instructions. Mykel quickly found the expedition and brought them back to town explaining his day’s events and the possibility that the expedition will have to wait until Kho-Rog is dealt with.



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