Shadow's Gate

Shadow's Gate Session 5

The After math of Blasphemy

introduction: I finally decided to start up the Mission logs for my new campaign titled “Shadow’s Gate”. it’s a second edition D&D game with elements of First edition thrown in as well as stuff from internet homebrews and the Player’s Option books. The players and characters have no idea about who is writing these reports at this time. Apparently someone is following the group.

Mission Report 1
By Gordoga of the Hidden Voice, of the Yellow
Date: Spring 8, 296 CY
Mission Objectives:
Observe the expedition sent to explore the Caverns of Shadow’s Deep.
Locate anything of Historical significance either pertaining to the Goblinoids or to Shadow’s Gate.
Remain out of sight unless absolutely necessary.
Report directly to Mayor Cedric or His advisor.
Mission Roster:
Soveliss (A Half-Elvin ranger, team leader)
Tursomog the Ripper (Hobgoblin Priest of Maglubiyet)
Degorous Fif (Grey-Elf Trap Specialist)
Rodomus (Human Ranger)
Grongk (Goblin Spear-man)
Mission Support:
Adept Hans (Justicar of Tyr, who had oddly enough chose to support this team as opposed to leading it.)
Squad Leader Franz (Paladin of Tyr, and Brother to Hans,)

Mission report:
After your meeting with Tursomog I had managed to follow him undetected as he escorted Storm Longfellow to the goblin quarter below Shadow’s Gate. He had finally arrived at the cave complex of his religious leaders and tells the story of how the half-Elvin rogue was punished by his deity for blasphemy. That instead of smiting Storm out right, the Lord of depths and Darkness instead chose to polymorph the rogue into a goblin. This created no small amount of controversy among the Hobgoblin Priests and shamans who wondered aloud (more than once) as to why the Mighty One (Their title), would spare the life of someone who they believed had no soul.
Storm had then explained that he had pleaded with the Lord of Depths and darkness to spare his life, in exchange for eternal servitude to not only Tursomog, but to Maglubiyet as well. Stunned by this, the religious leaders ordered Tursomog to leave Storm behind for further questioning and possible study. Tursomog reluctantly complied and went to find the rest of the party. Tursomog then found Degorous Fif, Grongk, Rodomus at the local tavern (called the Gates) and then met up with Soveliss later on.
The party then made their way back out of Shadows gate, passing some of the farms when they had spotted three Humans hiding in the distance behind a lone scrub brush. Their actions soon revealed them to be Brigands lying in wait for a soon to be passing merchant in a cart laden with coins.
Degorous used quick thinking and alerted the driver of the impending ambush, who had stopped, only to draw out not only the three bandits the party noticed, but also three more behind a nearby boulder.
With bravery terribly uncharacteristic of his race, the Goblin spearman, Grongk, charged into battle, but unfortunately, his small legs did not allow him to cover the distance of the charge right away. Rodomus, However, compensated for this by charging, scooping up the diminutive spearman and hurling him towards the enemy, but also fell short about 10 feet (of the standard measurement) from the enemy. Soveliss then moved forward to the bush the first group of bandits sprang from using it for cover while Degorous also charged into battle with his sword. Tursomog, However, decided to fire arrows into the brigands from his position, muttering something about a being called “The Dee-eM”. (perhaps this is a companion deity to Maglubiyet?) The first three bandits were cut down with relative ease, but the second group continued their charge against the Merchant who joined in the battle, himself.
Two members of the second group, realizing their comerades were defeated, proceeded to attack Rodomus and Grongk. The third bandit fought against the Merchant who had missed wildly, and smacked his horse; spooking him. The Horse proceeded to charge forward and trampled on the bandit attacking the cart.
Using some quick thinking, Grongk quickly grabbed his rope, and hurled it, circling the beast’s neck, allowing Rodomus to pull himself onto the horse’s back in an effort to calm the frightened animal. Degorous also joined the fray, by nimbly leaping onto the cart in an effort to grab the reins. However, Tursomog had stepped forward and invoked the power of his god calming the animal. Once the creature had stopped charging, the remaining bandits attempted to flee seeing that they were clearly out matched. However Rodomus, Soveliss and Degorous picked them off, clearing the battlefield.
Having had a moment to catch their breath, the Merchant explained that he was in the process of returning from the Dwarven City of Duw when the bandits were preparing their ambush. Grateful to the party for their assistance, he bought the brigands gear and then headed back to Shadow’s gate.
After disposing of the bodies, the party then continued on their way and finally entered the Goblin Blight Marsh. After a couple of hours, they then stumbled upon a group of nearly a dozen Orcs marching towards Shadow’s Deep, the Battle joined in earnest once again as all sides entering into battle took heavy damage. The Orcs were finally dispatched,, Tursomog had then found a barely surviving member and immediately sacrificed the Orc to his god by severing his head.
The party rested with the priests calling upon their gods for healing. A small debate broke out between Tursomog and Adept Hans as to which deity had the greater power. While it was somewhat entertaining, both parties decided to save the debate for another time, for the sake of the mission.
Eventually they neared the entrance to Shadow’s deep when they had then stumbled upon a group of Norkers, a mutated race of goblinoids, who tended to be more savage and bestial than most goblinoids. The small savage creatures charged into battle with the group. However, Degorous, tired of the day’s constant stream of battles, lit up a flask of oil and threatened to ignite the swamp gas, which is so prevalent in the Goblin-Blight. The Norkers reluctantly broke from the battle and slipped into the dark foliage while the party made their way to the gates of Shadow’s deep to once again delve into it’s caverns.



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