Welcome to Shadow’s gate, Campaign based loosely on Warp World by BTRC which has been revamped for Big Eyes Small Mouth d20. the wiki is not complete right now but feel free to stay up to date with the stuff that is going on!

The Story itself takes place 300 years after Humanity was nearly wiped out by Nuclear war. However, the resulting explosions opened up portals to other dimensions including the Outer Planes, eventually the Elven, Dwarven and other Mythological races appeared and after three centuries are making civilizations.
The Current civilization is no longer powered with Technology but with Magic, both Arcane and Divine. While swords and Armor exists, not much else functions like it used to.
Schedule: We usually meet every alternate weekend at Kings Games. Feel free to drop in and Join us!
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We also have a Group on google: http://groups.google.com/group/avellos-oldschooladnd-campaign

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